Preliminary Mice and Human Studies

Constab has completed two mice studies (P-388, leukemia model). The results have shown that the oral administration of the complexes of PAFP and the anticancer agents were able to inhibit the growth of tumors by 85% after 24 days of inoculation.  Within the same studies, the survival of mice increased by 36%.

We have also tested the same anticancer complexes on 16 patients to confirm the oral bioavailability of the complexes and their safety in human.  Again, we have been able to observe clinical benefits such as a reduction in the growth of tumors, an improved quality of life and in some cases, tumor regression after one month of treatment.


Lead compound Aimpila™

From the studies performed, Constab has selected the best combination of PAFP and inducers of apoptosis to achieve optimal clinical results.  Emanating from this research, Constab will pursue its clinical trial program with a complex called Aimpila™ as its lead compound. The patent pending technology can also be out-licensed to pharmaceutical or biotech companies looking to improve the selectivity of current or new anticancer drugs having binding affinities to AFP.


Human Study with Aimpila™

Twelve patients with liver metastatic colorectal cancer (mCRC)  took 0.6 mg of Aimpila™ per os, daily for 8 weeks. The goal of the study was to evaluate the effectiveness of Aimpila™ on metastases and the safety profile of the drug candidate. Computer Tomography scans were performed before and after the treatment. The results from this study are promising and have been published at the ASCO meeting held in Chicago in June 2007. 

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