OncoShuttle™: A Targeted-Delivery Technology Platform

The approach taken by Constab is dual. First, the company uses a natural carrier protein being highly selective to cancer cells.  Secondly, the anticancer agents that  are binding to Constab's selected carrier are chosen for their efficacy in eluding the cancer cell's mechanisms of defence (MDR).

Constab is using AFP as a carrier for anticancer compounds to deliver them to cancer cells expressing AFP receptors (AFPR) and avoid healthy tissues.  AFP represents one of the best candidates for a vehicle effecting targeted delivery of medicinal drugs into tumor cells since the overwhelming majority of tumor cells (independently of the tumor type) express its receptors but are absent or present in insufficient amounts on the surface of normal cells. Not only using AFP as a carrier contributes to improve the treatment outcome but it also allows to limit the side effects for the patient.

Constab is using a porcine source of AFP (PAFP) as it carries many advantages over other sources of the protein. The main advantages are the homogeneity of the source, the low costs and the ethical availability of the raw material taken from porcine embryos (vs human) and its high similarity to the human AFP.

Play the animation to better understand how does Constab's Drug Delivery Technology Platform works

Constab is maximizing the drug's efficacy by killing cancer cells through a direct apoptosis pathway (mitochondria destruction). The choice of a cytotoxic agent is of crucial importance in the construction of targeted action drugs. Many cancer drugs are not optimal and often ineffective for some cancer cell population since they aim at earlier targets within the apoptosis cascade (example: DNA) which might not lead to the cancer cell death due to a possible mutation of the p53 protein or other mutation pathways. The anticancer agents selected by Constab are direct apoptosis inducers as they target mitochondria destruction which leads to the apoptosis of cancer cells while overcoming MDR.  Our delivery technology involving AFP can also be used to deliver approved anticancer drugs whose clinical practice is limited because of the side effects they produce.